Friday, March 21, 2003

Things are pretty quiet in Israel. We are all cheering the US Cavalry to fill in Western Iraq to take us out of scud range so that Israel can get back to our usual provincial debates - like the economy and the religious secular divide. Bibi is wisely using the lack of attention to ram his cost cutting plans through. He gave interview to much of the printed media this weekend basically claiming that this must be done to save us from becoming Argentina. Here is Haaretz interview.

Went to a reception marking the Bahai new year - was pretty brave of them to have the event in the circumstances. Peres was there and spoke of the Bahais as an example of what religion should be in the middle east - peaceful, tolerant, open. Everything that the big three are generally not. (The last part are my words, not his). I went, besides for the eats to salute the fact that the event was in Jerusalem - a pretty rare thing in diplo circles - and that it took place in the midst of the massive uncertainty that is March 2003.
Then saw the terrific movie "Adaptation" that bounces gloriously between reality, perceived reality and fiction. Charlie Kaufman (also did Being John Malkovich and the new film about Chuck Barris) is one bizarre dude. Brilliant tho'. Aren't those three issues: reality, perceived reality and fiction keys to understanding Israeli-Arab relations? Or maybe those Bahai points that Peres mentioned?
Too bad that University of Vermont was crushed in the NCAAs last night. They, of course, were going to lose but after 100 years and a 40 hour trip through storms and such, would have been nice to see them more. Then again, would've been nice to see the games at all which are not on here until the Sweet 16. My picks for the Final Four, by the way are Kentucky, Arizona, Stanford and Syracuse. Only Stanford played last nice and won a close game against perennial power University of San Diego.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

The war seems to have begun. That is as good a time as any to begin trying out a blog. It is a vote of confidence for the future. Would someone who thinks that scuds, chem or bio weapons are on the way open a new blog? Is that how Sadaam is spending his Thursday afternoon? I think not.
The idea here is to offer a kesher ("link" in Hebrew; there is also a play on words here that may or may not be eventually revealed; those of you with an initimate knowledge of Mr. Kesher may get the joke) to my thoughts, ramblings and solutions to the big questions of the day:
1. How to bring peace to the Middle East
2. How to get Bruce Springsteen to play in Tel Aviv
3. How to get the Mets to win the 2003 World Series